Farm houses in Marches, Italy

Villas, farm houses, cottages and holiday farms in Marches, Italy


Very briefly, let's describe what mainly distinguishes holiday farms, bed and breakfasts and country houses.

Farm holidays are a tourist business managed by farmers; food and drink have to come mostly from the farm itself or from other farms of the surrounding area.

The buildings are often ancient farmhouses, generally restored. You can find, or not, a catering service, and the landlords may, or not, live inside the farm, next to the guests.

We can say that the most complete holiday farms combine these three features: historical farmhouse, traditional local food and friendly relationship between hosts and guests.

A Bed & Breakfast, born in Northern Europe, where is very common, doesn't need the presence of a farm, and requires simplified administrative fulfilment.

It allows limited accommodation and the offer of breakfast only, regarding food.

The host, during the hospitality period, has to live in the same house of the guests or in the neighbourhood.

A Country House is similar, in some ways, to a bed and breakfast, mainly because doesn't need the presence of a farm, but has less bureaucratic restrictions with regard to dimensions and catering.

Every accommodation listed in this web site, apart from its typology, is placed in the open country or in small rural villages, and the houses are, almost in all cases, derived from the restoration and modernization of old farmhouses or manors, and are, in any case, situated inside of an environment of naturalistic and landscape value.