Who is Agriturismo-Marche.it

For over 20 years, a passion for the Marche region and its farmhouses…

From its inception to the present day, Agriturismo-Marche.it has represented an independent meeting point for agritourism facilities in the Marche region, quickly becoming a point of reference for many tourists and visitors and a very important showcase for agritourism facilities.

Founded with the aim of enhancing and promoting the natural, cultural and gastronomic beauty of this region, the site has established itself over time as an essential resource for anyone wishing to explore the Marche in an authentic and fulfilling way.


Nasce Agriturismo-Marche.it
Nasce Agriturismo-Marche.it

Questo sito, nato per puro divertimento nell’autunno del 2000 (ndr. dalla mente di Franco Sartini) e condotto agli inizi in maniera amatoriale, è diventato negli anni successivi, un efficace e ben indicizzato “portale” informatico per le aziende agrituristiche marchigiane, con lo scopo di far conoscere caratteristiche e pregi delle strutture presentate.

La crescita del portale
La crescita del portale

Il portale inizia a crescere e diventa un primo punto di riferimento online per i viaggiatori alla scoperta delle Marche… Le strutture sono in larga parte agriturismi, ma comprendono anche altri tipi di aziende turistiche (country house, per esempio), tutte però con la comune caratteristica di appartenere al turismo rurale, di campagna.
Fin dall’inizio ogni azienda è stata visitata di persona e i gestori delle stesse hanno avuto modo di sapere, attraverso questo contatto diretto, chi ci fosse dall’altra parte ed hanno potuto a loro volta farsi conoscere e definire già dal primo incontro utili dettagli.

La seconda release
La seconda release

All’inizio del dicembre 2014 è stata pubblicata la nuova versione del sito (online fino a questo mese), radicalmente rinnovato, con la necessità di creare un sito web più moderno e adatto ai dispositivi mobili.

Un nuovo inizio…
Un nuovo inizio…

Ad aprile 2024, Franco passa la palla ad un nuovo testimone, Marcello Pavan, che inizia ad occuparsi da zero del portale, partendo da un profondo restyling del sito web, anche dal punto di vista tecnico, con il fine di riprendere il posizionamento SEO e ridare nuova visibilità al sito ed alle sue strutture.

The difficulties of the second release…

After the changes in 2014, Agriturismo-Marche.it went through a period where its visibility and relevance in online positioning suffered a significant decline. This has been influenced by several factors, including the exuberance of OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) and the explosion of social networks.

OTAs have gained overwhelming power in the online tourism sector, thanks in part to the very high commissions they charge from tourist facilities.

In addition to these external challenges, the 2014 website redesign created technical and SEO issues that contributed to a general decline in relevance and gaps in SEO optimization, which affected the site’s ability to rank well in search results, thus reducing its organic traffic.

However, it is important to note that these difficulties are not insurmountable. With a strategic approach and a constant commitment to improve its online presence, Agriturismo-Marche.it can still regain and strengthen its position in the Marche tourism market.

The next goals…

Today, Agriturismo-Marche.it continues to be a point of reference in the panorama of sustainable tourism, promoting eco-friendly practices and supporting agriculture and zero-km products.

Its mission will remain to spread the beauty and authenticity of Le Marche, contributing to the well-being of local communities and the cultural enrichment of anyone who chooses to explore this beautiful region.

The growth objectives of the site, the new management and the services connected to it will not change the nature of the project or the relationship of trust and passion that made it take its first steps in the now distant year 2000…

By the way… Let me introduce myself

Marcello Pavan

Landscape Architect and Digital Specialist

My name is Marcello, I was born in the cold north of Italy in the year Back to the Future was released and since I was a child I have been passionate about technology and its facets.

My family’s passion for the world of farmhouses and rural culture led my parents and my sister to create a farmhouse in the province of Ascoli Piceno and from there, my interest in the culture of tourism and the territory was born.

Graduated in agriculture in Macerata and graduated in landscape architecture at the Sapienza University of Rome, I started working (officially) as a digital consultant in 2011, but with already a portfolio of websites and digital projects launched in 1997.

To date, I have collaborated with large companies, communication agencies, freelancers and brands of various kinds, on projects of the most disparate nature.

The constant search for personal roots and an escape route then, in a fortunate meeting with Franco in March 2024, led me to start this new project which, I hope, will lead me to get to know the Marche region better and build a new, big family, together with you Farmhouses

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